…The Secret Garden Rooms- intimate dining glasshouses!

Secret Garden - 1

Hidden away in a quiet and secluded area of the restaurant await 8 sparkly, shiny glasshouses seating up to 4 adults.

The Secret Garden is magical dining area for adults only, perfect for a special evening with a few friends and ideal for a different kind of ‘date night’!

Serving from our exclusive tapas menu (see below) or our full main menu, the rooms are available to pre book from 5.15pm for the first sitting (ideal for post work drinks and dining) and then again from 7.45pm onwards.

Each secret garden room is thoughtfully dressed with accessories and ornaments depicting a different theme – and is wrapped in hundreds of twinkling fairy lights! Equipped with a heater to keep you cosy on cooler nights, and waited on by our attentive team you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a hidden paradise!

A generous 2 hour time limit is in place, allowing you time to enjoy and relax in your unique surroundings while also providing us sufficient time to clean and prepare each room again for the next special guests.

To reserve your garden room please use the booking widget above and select your preferred date and time. As the restaurant operates with the same system in-house if you can’t see a slot – unfortunately it is not available.

Please note that the garden is a smoke-free zone, thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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